Monday, August 12, 2013

Cuddle Weather

Hey guys! I've been out lately, and now I'm happy that I'm back on blogging! You guys missed me? Because I missed you all ☺ I have to tell you guys something! Starting from today onwards, I got something new to posts. Guess what? My almost-daily outfit posts!! Excited that now I'm going to post about myself? Yayyy!! So now let's talk about something trendy. What do you guys think about this kind of weather? 

Anyway, today, we're heading to the mall with my cousins. This month is kinda rainy-ish, so I decided to wear this kinda sweater-ish, but at the same time, a hippie-like outfit. I decided to put some accessories so my outfit can put a little more fashionable & hot at the same time. Also, I decided to curl my hair so it can look something different & trendy at the same time! 

Let the photos speak! ❤

I hope you enjoyed! So what outfits do you wear for this kind of weather? :) Feel free to email me at ❤

Stay tuned for more outfit posts, Zoey 💋

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