Monday, July 8, 2013

Velvet Powder Nails Tutorial

Have you ever wish to have furry-like nails? Or something that when you touch it you'll be amazed? So here's something   I discovered 2 weeks ago, it's what you call "Velvet Powder" for nails. I don't have the picture on how to do it, but i'll teach you how in just 5 easy steps! So here it is 
Step 1 :: You will need to have the following - a brush, a piece of paper (that's where you'll put your hands so the powders won't mess), top coat nail polish, nail polish (of your own choice), and ofcourse, your velvet powder (which must be same color to your nail polish) 
Step 2 :: Place the paper on a table, then ready your brush, top coat nail polish, nail polish of your own choice and your velvet powder.
Step 3 :: Polish your nails with your top coat and let it dry.
Step 4 :: After you put your top coat, you have to put your choice of nail polish color then while it's still wet, you have to put the powder on your nails, wait for 20 seconds, then brush your nails using your brush so it will look clean.
Step 5 :: For the finish product, you will NOT have to put your top coat, so when you touch it, you can feel the furry-like structure.
Easy right? So that's it! Get more ideas on the photos below for more help and cool ideas! Make your own velvet powder nails and use my guidelines, then take a picture on it, then send it to my gmail account then get a chance to be featured on my blog! What are you waiting for? Make your own velvet powder nail polish now! Enjoy! ❤☺
Here are some of the colors of your own choice for velvet powder. What's your favorite color? ☺ 
So here, I made a circle of velvet powder nail polish so you can see how the end product must look like ☺ 

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